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Instant Lifting Serum

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A completely brilliant base for make-up and used by many professional make-up artists; ILS brings you a bit of instant magic plus the breakthrough combination of Glucaferm® and Hyaferm® that works long term to return the dynamic equilibrium of your skin to that of younger skin

For the modern lady in a hurry the ILS has two additional special formulations: 1. An added light reflecting formulation that brightens the shadows created by wrinkles making them less obvious and 2. An instant skin smoothing and stretching agent.

These very effective instant fixes aren't just a gimmick though because the formulation also incorporates a patented process that gets to work to boost the skins cellular matrix and is the product of years of research and testing at the Bio-Technology Institute of the Berlin Technical University.

Moisturises, firms, protects AND adds an instant visual lifting agents: Integral light-reflecting and smoothing agents act immediately to bring smoothness and radiance to the skin, whilst over time the skin's firmness and elasticity are improved, reducing the depth of wrinkles.

Using the fingertips, gently massage a small amount into the face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes. Use daily or when your skin needs a special lift. Non-comedogenic. Ideal under make-up!

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