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Afterglow Tanning Lotion

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Afterglow tanning lotion intensively moisturises your face and body whilst creating a very light natural and even tan using exclusive two-stage natural tanning agents.

Adds a light natural sun-kissed glow whilst moisturising and protecting the skin - also contains the unique and patented Hyaferm® and Glucaferm® complex, pro-ferm is the only skin care range that naturally harnesses the power of your skin's immune system - the trigger for the skins repair and renewal mechanism - to give you younger looking skin.

Contains intensive moisturising ingredients. Uses natural sugars and algae to add texture and improve hydration.
Contains extracts of hemp which act as anti-oxidants and supply essential Vitamin E.
Supports the skin's own defence and repair mechanisms.
Provides powerful protection against free radicals and sun-related skin ageing.
Helps maintain the skins elasticity and tone.
Directions: use sparingly (but regularly) massage thoroughly and evenly into clean, dry skin (suitable for both face and body) daily until you achieve required colour: allow 3 to 6 hours for initial tanning, and 2 days for full afterglow effect.

Thereafter use every 3 or 4 days to maintain your afterglow. Afterglow is also ideal as an after-sun tan boosting treatment to support the skins repair and renewal mechanism, promote hydration and reduce peeling. For best results use after bathing or last thing at night. 200ml

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